Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This will probably sound like a Subaru commercial, but since this is a true story, think what you will.
This morning, a particularly stormy, rainy wet morning, I came up on a car with its flashers on. Since civilization is quite far away and cell reception spotty at best, I stopped to see what the matter was. Of course it was a group of kids acting stupid, stopped out there to potty and got their car stuck in the ditch. So I go and get my tow strap, but thanks to General Motors engineers, there is absolutely nothing to put a tow strap on to on their car(no wonder GM is out of business). So I decide I’m going to try to push them up out of the ditch from behind. Of course these kids are certain I’ll get stuck, so I told them I’ve never had the car stuck before, but I didn’t know if it would move their car in the mud. So I go around and head into the ditch, which is sloppy, but not any real problem for the Outback. I line up behind the kids car and ease up. I ride the clutch to try keep a little traction but start to spin anyway, and the car isn’t moving. I was a little dismayed that it wasn’t working, so I figured since I’m here I may as well give it hell. I let the clutch out and punch it, tires spinning and mud flying everywhere. In short order, my Outback catches traction, and pushes the other car right back onto the road. They are quite amazed and thanked me profusely for helping them. I told next time they decide to play in the mud, to get an all-wheel drive, and went on my way. My Subaru outback has almost 100k miles and has not needed anything other than scheduled maintenance and tires since I bought it at 60K. I don’t think mine is a fluke either, Subaru’s are gaining in popularity, and it’s because they are a solid well made vehicle. Not only they are made more in America than American cars are. So next time you decide you want a go anywhere do anything vehicle, check out Subaru. They bad A$$.

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