Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Constitutionalism Vs. UN

This week the UN is deliberating whether to reinstate the impeached president of Honduras. He was impeached for attempting to become a dictator, and now, We the US and the rest of the United Nations want to reinstate him!? I thought we were trying to get rid of dictators, not create them. Good luck Honduras, I pray for your sovereignty. To reinstate Zelaya would set a precedent that a nations constitution is irrelevant against the will of the Almighty UN. What will happen when We the People decide it's time to go back to our constitutional roots? Will the UN put troops on American soil to subdue us? God help those who defy the will of American citizens, we are the most tenacious and ferocious fighters on the planet, or at least we used to be. Maybe some of us could spend a little more time on the treadmill.

"Honor is the reward of Virtue"

REALLY!? with Russ K

Really!? No police force in New York has the gall to go and arrest Moammar Gaddafi!? Are you serious!? This man is an embodiment to evil and stands defiantly against our country, on our own soil, with complete impunity!? President Obama, you really, seriously, are just going to let Gaddafi come over here, have a little camping trip, $@!# all over everything America stands for, and then wave bye-bye and wish him a safe trip home!? Really!? And you of all people, Donald Trump, you’re just going to sit back and say, “yeah I own the property, but my partners in the middle east arranged it without my knowledge.” You UN-AMERICAN, TERRORIST PANDERING POS! YOU OWN THE PROPERTY!!!! Do you really need the money that bad!? How much do you stand to make on the deal!? Seriously!? YOU’RE FIRED from being American! It does my soul good to think that there is a window in Heaven that looks down on Hell where I can watch and Laugh at all of your Sorry @$$#$ roasting for all eternity!

"Honor is the reward of Virtue"