Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About Me

I am no one particularly special, no financial adviser, economics guru, or even college graduate. I am just an ordinary man, with a wife and children, trying to share what I have found out about money and it's use. I got sick and tired of making money, according to some more than I ought to, and having very little to show for my efforts. I started reading, learning and doing what I saw to be the best course of action, and now with the "economic crisis" I think the things that have worked for me and my success may be an inspiration to others. I enjoy feedback, and would like to hear your advice, success stories, or questions. Drop me a line anytime!

Where to Start...

Where to start is sometimes the biggest stumbling block, but you already have by reading this! Cheesy but true, you have recognized a that there is a problem with your finances and are seeking help! The first step in any problem solving process is determining the root of the problem. This is quite difficult for most people because it strikes a chord in our hearts that we are doing something wrong, or have let down those important to us or any number of uncomfortable emotions. This strong tie to emotion that money has over most of us is difficult to overcome, because money is so important to our livelihood, security, and happiness. Just to be certain, money does not cause this, our views of money does. Thus, the goal, freeing our emotions from our money. This is also the most difficult thing most of us will ever do, I still haven't accomplished it, but I have a plan.