Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making a Difference

It is said that one person can't make a difference. That is bold faced lie intended to discourage us from realizing our true potential as human beings. You don't have to try and single-handedly save the entire world to make a difference, just one person is all it takes. No daring act of heroism is called for. Just do something for someone that you wouldn't normally do, to help make their life a little better. It's not hard at all. Here's the kicker though. When they ask you where this uncommon act of kindness is coming from(and they will), tell them. Say,"I'm saving the world!" Of course, you can expect the look like you just told them you like peanut butter on your french fries. So explain yourself, and if ever anyone asks how to repay your kindness, challenge them as I challenge you today: Each week make it a point to help one person out with a small act of kindness. It doesn't have to be money, it doesn't have to be time, it just has to fit in with something they need. Just once per week, that's all. You will find that it feels good to help people, and this will soon be second nature. You will find friends and gain respect. You will have opportunities to witness to people and spread your love. And like all those stupid chain Emails say: pass this on it REALLY WORKS! Except this one does really work. Good Luck and Good Living!

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