Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday, a young illegal immigrant from Jordan, Sam Smadi, attempted to blow up one of Dallas’ finest works of modern architecture.
The Fountain Place(my Uncle helped build it) has absolutely no right angles at all, and was possibly one of the most difficult buildings to construct in modern times.
America, when are we going to get mad, I mean really MAD! Even post 9/11/01, we weren’t really mad. Really mad is, you kill 3,000 Americans, we kill 30,000 of your people. You blow up a building, we blow up a city. That’s MAD! This is Jihad, people! Do you not realize that these terrorists have declared WAR on you, me, our Children, all of our religions, our Freedom, our Honor, our entire way of life!? They want to destroy the very history of our entire existence! They are HERE in America! We are being invaded by our ENEMY! Where are you Congress, President Obama!? How can this guy and others just like him stroll across the border! There are enemy combatants on American Soil, and all you are going to do is arrest them, give them a trial, and a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment! THIS IS A WAR! They have declared WAR on us! Our leaders continue to pander to dictators and terrorist supporters ON OUR OWN SOIL! RIGHT NOW! Why aren’t you Angry, America!? And how about you, “Religion of Peace” Muslims? I really want to believe you, really I WANT to accept that as the truth. However, I don’t see “Christian Extremists Blow Up Building” or “Hindu Fundamentalists Hijack Airplane” across the headlines of the daily news. So I want to know, is Islam the “Religion of Peace” only after you all have wiped every other point of view off the face of the Earth? Convince me otherwise. Convince me by getting these headlines in the paper, “Muslim tips off police to Extremist plot” or “Muslim Americans Kill Terrorist Extremist”. Don’t make it a one-time thing either. Police your own religion. The Mormons fought a similar battle with polygamists over the years. They have had to ostracize all polygamists from their churches and society, and rendered practicers into cults. Do the same with yours. And to you, Mr. Smadi, you want to blow up America, huh? Well you best pray to Allah right now that you do get life in prison for your crime. Because if a real American ever gets a hold of you, you will BEG us to kill you! And that is a promise! You terrorists are not frightening me, or the rest of America either. You only serve to bring our wrath upon you. Just you wait till the gloves come off, and then see where you stand. The US could turn the entire Middle East into a bead of glass in a day, and cover it in pig’s blood before week’s end, if we wanted to. Please, keep on trying to harm innocent people, I want to have a good laugh when we finally come off our moral high ground and really get to the business of ending your nonsense.
Seriously, what if the FBI had not intercepted this guy, what if a real bomb maker got him first, gave him a real bomb, and blew a beautiful piece if the Dallas skyline away? How would you feel then? Would you be really mad then? Would you tell your congressman and the federal government that we need less restrictions on our borders and that illegal immigrants need amnesty? Knowing Terrorists are here in our midst, do we really need to be policing the rest of the world, or should we be focusing inward right now? They are bringing the fight to us in spite of our efforts abroad, and there might as well be a welcome sign on our back door. Are you starting to get it now?

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