Sunday, November 2, 2008

Common Problems Part 2: Keeping up with the Joneses

Boy does this one get a lot of us! It's also called maintaining the social norm. It's based on the false pretense that the things you have are a measure of your success. Who is more successful in your mind? The family who has two cars, an expensive home, a boat and any number of other toys; but secretly would lose it all if they missed one paycheck? Or the family in a modest home, one practical vehicle, no toys, however this family has no debt, and could weather all but the worst of financial storms with the money they have saved.

I know, I bet that first family has a lot of fun. But can you imagine the stress they feel every time there's rumor of layoffs at their jobs. Or when they look at the amount of debt they owe, and how long it would take to pay it off? Maybe this is you, Overwhelmed with the mess you found yourself in, and despaired because you can't find your way out. There is Hope for everyone, but don't think it comes without cost. Everything has a cost. Pride will be swallowed, and I know it's not easy.

One thing to keep in mind, 99% of all those people who seem to have everything, and are wealthy and successful are living a lie. They are up to their nose in debt, and will likely die in debt, and will leave their debt to their children. That is of course, unless they make a drastic change in their lives.

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Molly said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It is funny, my mom and I were talking about this just the other day. My hubby and I live very simply. I was going to post some of the waays we have managed to be dept free on my blog. Now I think I will. So many people suffer from dept trying to live the American Lie, I mean dream.