Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's not the NFL!

Ok, so the story is that two coaches got into a fist fight because the coach without a girl on his team didn’t want to play with the team that had a girl. We’re talking about ten year old kids here, where physical gender identity isn’t very pronounced. This idiot coach, cited that his boys had a Religious aversion to hitting a girl and therefore refused to play. I’ve heard a lot of cop outs in my day, but come on! A fear of contracting Cooties would be more plausible! First off, we all understand football is a rough game, I am sure that the girl’s parents as well as herself are not stupid as to the risks involved. Second, they’re kids, ok. This isn’t the super bowl championship. Frankly sir, you needed a punch in the face, you sexist redneck idiot. I’m not supporting feminism here, nor am I understating the physical differences between the sexes, but seriously, THESE ARE KIDS! If they were 17 I could see a need for concern. You have traumatized a little girl for not letting her play football, and that’s why you got punched, I hope it hurts.

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