Tuesday, September 22, 2009


How we all like to think that we are adults, and yet so many are just children are growing older each year. Just what separates children from adults? A magical birthday? It’s quite difficult to believe such an arbitrary statement! How can one so easily differentiate between two individuals. How many of us know someone who in spite of being over 30 years old, can still not seem to get themselves together? Legally, we call them adults, but they are in actuality aging children. To be an Adult, one must behave in a manner congruent with adult behavior. Now, we all have our moments of weakness, which is only human; but if you are struggling with simple adult behaviors such as:
living on your ownholding a jobmaintaining a steady relationship
you should really consider your position in life. Addiction and obsession are not adult behaviors. Neither is vindictiveness, boisterousness or any number of other unethical attitudes. Sexual Promiscuity is NOT an adult behavior, for it is instant gratification of immature desire. And just who am I to tell you about it? Well, I’ve acted in far worse capacity than anything written here, and somehow miraculously survived the ordeal. Is it easy being a responsible adult? Absolutely not! However, America needs adults, not more children. And if you need more incentive to get your act together, I’ll leave you with this.
Women: YOU are the founders of America’s next generation, of its leaders, and it’s losers. Do you really, really think that that loser sleazeball is going to get his act together, get a real job and be a real father to your children? Nope? Me either, and just how many loser dads father brilliant successful children? The odds are not in your favor. Cut your losses, find a real man and have winner babies. America is counting on you. By the way, if you’re into going out to bars getting drunk and taking the first horny guy that approaches you, don’t expect any real men to come calling, cause no matter how hot you are, you’re unattractive morally.
Men: We all know what our other head tells us to do. But if you can’t handle the consequences, keep that shotgun holstered.
If you do happen to be a loser dad with abandoned kids, it may not be too late. Swallow your quite undeserved pride, ditch your vices, get to work, and apologize profusely for being the POS that you have been. Then get your sorry butt a decent place for children to visit, maybe even live. Give up your recreations, they will slow you down, and you are already behind the power curve. Learn how to be a man, a real man. I’m not talking about macho movie men, that’s fiction. A man that knows how to love, protect and lead a family, that’s the kind of man you must be. It’s a daunting task, and you will receive little help in today’s society, although Church helps. In fact I don’t know that this task can be accomplished outside of divine intervention, so prayer will be necessary. Don’t think it’s possible? I did it. It’s about 3 years of pure Hell, but well worth it.
And for all: If you are unattractive in some way, it’s most likely because you are unfit to pass your genetic material on to the next generation. That sounds harsh, I know, but in reality 90 percent of unattractiveness can be remedied with diligence and hard work. If your dumb, read some books. If your fat, exercise and eat better. If your skinny, go work out. It’s not overnight, and it’s not magic. Jesus Christ himself had no attractive physical attributes, yet he is loved by millions the world over. Because really, at the end of the day, attractiveness has little to do with outside appearance. And if you are an adult you already know that.
Courtesy to my loving wife for the bible verse:
"If we please God, he will make us wise, understanding, and happy. But if we sin, God will make us struggle for a living, then he will give all we own to someone who pleases him."Ecclesiastes 2:26

"Honor is the reward of Virtue"

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